Track property status changes


Many Datafiniti customers are interested in using our property data to track the status of property as they on/off the market. This guide will show you how to track this feed from historical to daily.

Finding the most recent status change

Datafiniti allows you to search on the most recent changes to the data in the record itself. For this example we will be looking for the most recent For Sale homes in Houston, Texas for the last 30 days since July 1st. Here is the query:

    "query": "country:\"US\" AND province:TX AND city:houston AND mostRecentStatus:\"For Sale\" AND mostRecentStatusFirstDateSeen:[2023-07-01 TO *]",
    "num_records": 10

We used a combination of mostRecentStatus and mostRecentStatusFirstDateSeen to limit this query to only For Sale status. mostRecentStatusFirstDateSeen will state the date when the mostRecentStatus changed last.


mostRecentStatusFirstDateSeen vs mostRecentStatusDate

Please note that mostRecentStatusFirstDateSeen is a static field that show when the status change was first made. mostRecentStatusDate is a fluid field that will update even if the status is verified to be the same.

We are using a wildcard ended range to dictate the till present date. Please change your date range to which ever represent your use case better.

Verify Status of a property

Based off of our previous example we are going to check if the status of the address 1914 Augusta Dr Unit 21 is still for sale. We will use the following query to do so:

    "query": "country:\"US\" AND province:TX AND city:houston AND address:\"1914 Augusta Dr Unit 21\"",
    "num_records": 1

This will return the following property data. We will focus on the most recent data fields for this example.

	"mostRecentPriceAmount": 227900,
	"mostRecentPriceDomain": "",
	"mostRecentPriceSourceURL": "",
	"mostRecentPriceDate": "2023-08-08T15:42:45.733Z",
	"mostRecentPriceFirstDateSeen": "2023-07-19T13:02:01.347Z",
	"mostRecentStatus": "For Sale",
	"mostRecentStatusDate": "2023-08-08T00:00:00.000Z",
	"mostRecentStatusFirstDateSeen": "2023-07-19T00:00:00.000Z"

We can see that the property has been on the market for longer than 14 days by comparing mostRecentStatusDate to mostRecentStatusFirstDateSeen. Using this method will allow you boarder insight on market trends in your area with any query you search with.

Example files

Here are example bulk download files of our previous queries:


By utilizing our most recent status field you will be able to track the life cycle of a property as it comes on/off the market. Search for the statuses you care about and setting up date ranges will allow you to better analyze the property markets you are most interested in.