Find property comps from transaction data


Determining where the market is at can be done with relative ease. Datafiniti can provide current and historical rental rates for any given property. Utilizing our transactions field we can look up prices that property sold for.

Find a property with transaction data

To search for a specific property with a transaction history, start by searching for that property's address or area and add a transaction price wildcard, like so:

    "query":"country:US AND province:FL AND transactions.price:*",

This will provide a record result that guarantees a price listed for the sold listing of a property.

"transactions": [
                    "saleDate": "2022-12-20T00:00:00.000Z",
                    "documentType": "Warranty Deed",
                    "price": 17300,
                    "sellerLastName": "Dl Investors 1 Llc",
                    "buyerFirstName": "xxxxx",
                    "buyerLastName": "xxxxxx",
                    "loanType": "Conventional",
                    "parcelNumber": "09-44-25-15-0000D.0190",
                    "contactOwnerMailAddressFull": "38 PRIEST ST"

Find property transaction between a date range

Now let say you need to pull these properties that were sold in the last year. You can use the transactions.saleDate to search via a range statement search.

    "query":"country:US AND province:FL AND transactions.price:* AND transactions.saleDate:[2023-01-01 TO 2024-01-01]",

Compare comps of a specific area

You can utilize this data to compare comps in a focus area.

    "query":"country:US AND province:FL AND transactions.price:* AND postalCode:33905",

This will provide 10 records with transaction prices of the sold property.

Example Records

Here are example bulk download files of our previous query:


With multiple records from the same area, you can more accurately see and calculate new for-sale houses from the recently sold properties found in this data.