Identifying employees targeted by cyberattacks


By providing a commercially-available database of personally-identifiable information (PII), Datafiniti's People Data can be used to protect companies against potential cyberattacks. Let's learn how!

Searching against a known target list

If your company provides cybersecurity protection, you likely have access to lists of known compromised individuals These lists will likely contain name, email, and other identifiers for each person. A list may look like:

Name, Email
Joe Curry, [email protected]
Tina Harris, [email protected]
Luis Fiego, [email protected]

You can take information like this and use it to find matching individuals in our people database. For this search we will build a filtered search based on firstName, lastName, & emails. Here's how such a search might look:

Aggregating data to identify compromised companies

As you match each person and find their current company, you can append the data to your original file:

Name, Email, Company
Joe Curry, [email protected], universal lumpers inc.	
Tina Harris, [email protected], quickpro
Luis Fiego, [email protected], plymouth university

Once you've done so, you can count up the companies in your updated list to find which companies may be compromised more severely than others.


For larger amount of people data

For anything searching a large amount of people data, we recommend automating this with our Datafiniti People API Search. For more on that you can read more here: People Use Cases