Finding Highly Rated Products


Datafiniti allows you to filter out products based on review sources from multiple big box retailers and online shops. In this guide we will walk through how to get the top rated computer monitors on the market.

Selecting Review Filters

Lets say you want to search for product from amazon where the review rating is above 4. This would use a greater than logic operator to define the reviews.rating to anything greater than 4. Let's see how it can be done.

Here is the example through the "Filter Builder". First we will select the categories of what product we are looking for "LCD / LED Monitors". Next we can add the taxonomy for "Electronics".

Next we will need to filter out the accessories. Let filter this out by price. We can added a filter for prices.amountMin for anything over $100. Lastly lets look specifically for high refresh rate monitors. We can do this by searching for high refresh rate as a feature value.

Searching For Product Reviews Through API Requests

If you have already built your query in the filter builder, you can copy & paste the API call in the bottom of the box.

Otherwise you can utilize the following API product search query to find the same products.

categories:"LCD /LED Monitors" AND taxonomy:"electronics" AND prices.amountMin:>100 AND features.value:high refresh rate