Gather people contact information


By providing a general lead's name we can search our people database to see if any contact information is available.

Searching against a known target list

If your company provides leads, you likely have access to lists of known individuals' names. These lists will likely contain each person's name, email, and other identifiers. A list may look like:

First Name, Last Name
Joe, Curry
Tina, Harris
Luis, Fiego

You can take information like this and use it to find matching individuals in our people database. Here's how such a search might look:

  "query": "firstName:Joe AND lastName:Curry",
  "num_records": 10

If a matching record comes back, it will include the company that currently employs the individual. (with more data)

   "country": "US",
   "emails": [
     "[email protected]",
     "[email protected]"
   "firstName": "joe",
   "gender": "male",

Matching your lead to targeted area

As you match each person and find their area that they reside, your can enhance your query to hone your record result to the demographic of that specific person.

  "query": "firstName:Joe AND lastName:Curry AND country:US AND province:CO AND city:denver",
  "num_records": 10

This will guarantee that the person in question is from the US, Denver, Colorado area.

Matching via email

You can also search via the email of the person you are looking for. Utilizing our emails field, you can search via the email.

  "query": "emails:\"[email protected]\"",
  "num_records": 1

Example files

Here are example bulk download files of our previous query:


With the knowledge of how to pull records with business-specific categories, you can now pull targeted area leads for your outreach.