Contact home owners that need roofing work


Datafiniti's property data can be used to generate lead lists for individuals or homes that may require maintenance or replacement of their rooves. You can use our advanced query syntax to generated targeted lists.

Searching for homes with old roofs

Many property listings include information on the condition or type of roofing. This information is captured in the features or descriptions fields. Here's an example search:

  "query":"-features.value:\"new roof\" OR -descriptions.value:\"new roof\"",

This query is a little complex, so let's explain what's happening:

  • We're using a - character to act as a negation filter on both features and descriptions. A negation filter tells Datafiniti "return everything that doesn't match this".
  • Both features and descriptions are lists of objects, with each object contain subfields like value. To search for possible values, we use .value.

We can also use the yearBuilt field to find older homes:

  "query":"-features.value:\"new roof\" OR -descriptions.value:\"new roof\" AND yearBuilt:[* TO 2018]",

By using a range query on yearBuilt, we can find every property that is no older than 2018.

Finally, we can add a status filters to find properties that will have or are about to have a new home owner.

  "query":"-features.value:\"new roof\" OR -descriptions.value:\"new roof\" AND yearBuilt:[* TO 2018] AND mostRecentStatus:(\"For Sale\" OR Sold)",

We use the OR constructor to search for multiple status values at once.

Example files

Here are example bulk download files of our previous query:


With the knowledge of how to pull records with new homeowner data, you will have the capability to contact and create lead data. You can also further enhance this data with reference to Datafiniti's people data as well.