Search lat/long for properties


One popular use case for Datafiniti's Property Data is finding properties near a specific geo-coordinate that match certain criteria. Here's how to do this!

Searching around a lat/long

Let's say you have the following latitude and longitude coordinates:

  "latitude": 30.253540,
  "longitude": -97.770640

You can run a search for properties near this geo-coordinate like so:

Using Radial Search

You can use geoLocation to search in a radius of a Longitude and Latitude. The following example will show you how to build a query.

	"query": "geoLocation:[-97.7430600,30.2671500,10,mi]"

This will return all matching properties within a 10 mile radius. You can change the 10 and the mi to other values you want, like 5,km for 5 kilometers.

Search the Most Recent Records

This will pull just the mostRecentStatus of "For Sale" properties in the area from the provided date to the present date.

	"query": "geoLocation:[-97.7430600,30.2671500,10,mi] AND mostRecentStatus:\"For Sale\" AND dateUpdated:[2023-03-14 TO *]"  

Adding more filters

You probably want to be more specific than every property available, so you can additional filters like this:

	"query": "geoLocation:[-97.7430600,30.2671500,10,mi] AND propertyType:(\"Single Family Dwelling\" OR Apartment)"

This will narrow down your matches to properties that are single family homes or apartments. You can add any additional filters from the fields available in our schema.

Example files

Here are example bulk download files for ourprevious query: