Generate leads for a SaaS business


A popular use case for Datafiniti's People Data is lead generation for sales campaigns. You can use our People Data to find leads that match a wide variety of criteria.

In this example, we'll show you how to find leads for a fictional SaaS (software-as-a-service) business

Developing your search query

When generating a lead list, you're likely to start by searching for specific job titles that match who will be making buying decisions. We can use the jobTitle field filter for this.

Selecting a job specialization in you search

You may want to target a specific industry, which you can do by searching on the businessCategories filter field. For this example we will look for "civil engineering" managers.

Downloading your lead list

Once you've developed the exact search criteria you want, you can download all matching results into a lead list like so:


With the knowledge of how to pull records with business-specific categories, you can now generate sales campaigns with the people these records.