Dimensions Normalization

How Datafiniti Normalizes Dimension Data

How Datafiniti Normalizes Dimension Data

Datafiniti uses a custom built data scraping engine to search products being sold and pulls detailed information about the product to create a record. Sometimes websites listing these products may have their own way of displaying that data. So Datafiniti uses an algorithm to Normalize this data to our own set of standards.

Dimension data will always be Normalized to a Height, Width, Length/Depth format (in this order). For example the following dimension from the website will be convert to our Normalize format:

        "Given from the scraped source": {
            "dimension": "8.96 (H) x 6.32 (w) x 0.93 (d) in"
        "Our Normalized Record's Dimensions": {
            "dimension": "8.96 in x 6.32 in x 0.93 in"
        "comment": "We will also insert measurement units into every dimension if not provided by the source."

Normalized Measurement Units for Dimension

We also use a standard format for abbreviations of measurement units. Listed below is a table of what we abbreviate measurement units to in our Datafiniti record database.

Measurement UnitDatafiniti Abbreviation
'' or " symbolsin
foot or feetft
' symbolft