Product Brand Normalization

Datafiniti uses a validation process that checks scraped data upon importing it into the database. We have logic in place to change the brand name to the recognized brand names you know. This was done to allow for more ease in querying the product database for the brands you want to see.

Previously if you wanted to search for Samsung via the brands field you would find the following brand names back:

  • Samsung
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Samsung Electronics L&T
  • Samsung Televisions
  • Samsung Appliances

After the Normalization logic is in place the only brand name you will see is Samsung.

Below is a list of product brand names that our normalization filters process and set to a designated brand name.


Suggested Brand Name Normalization

If there are any brand names you feel should be normalized or made easier to search, feel free to open a discussion suggestion here.

CanonicalBrand Names

CanonicalBrandScraped Source Brand Name
'47'47 brand
3m3m espe
3m healthcare
3m thinsulate
delphidelphi classics (parts edition)
dentsdents thinsulate
desertdesert decadence,
desert essence,
desert forager,
desert harvest,
desert pepper trading,
desert sun coffee roasters,
desert tortoise botanicals
dieseldiesel x foscarini,
diesel | men
diondion lee
diordior jadore,
dior sauvage
divideddivided style
divine"divine noise",
"divine specialties",
"divine xpressions",
"divine xpressions collection"
dixondixon apparel,
dixon ticonderoga co - pacon
dkdk industries,
dk knowledge,
dk tools
dldl & co.,
dl jeans,
dl medical & health,
dl signs
dnd"dnd - daisy nail design"
dove"dove and dovelet",
"dove beauty",
"dove men+care",
"dove purely pampering"
dsds babyland
dunhilldunhill canada
dunlopdunlop volleys
duoduo brush
duo distilleries
eggegg press
egg weights
ekoeko brewery
elementelement fitness
elfelf creek games
elite"elite flight tees",
"elite hockey",
"elite modern",
"elite sport",
"elite srl"
elleelle jae merch,
elle zeitoune
emuemu australia
enduroenduro bearings
enveenve composites
envy"envy us beauty supply",
"envy us clothing",
"envy us luxe hair"
eoseos publishing
hill'shill's science diet,
hills prescription diet
hphp reed diffuser,
hp tackle
huskyhusky liners
hustlerhustler toys
independent"independent distillers canada",
"independent liquor group",
"independent liquor ltd"
inspireinspire fitness
iris"iris basic", "iris hantverk"
jeepjeep world
juniorjunior learning
lottielottie london
lulululu bebe,
lulu guinness,
lulu lashes
lushlush clothing
neoneo craft
nhlnhl merchandise
nunununununu world
odiodi lynch
ooshieooshie resort wear
ospreyosprey custom tackle,
osprey packs
oxo"oxo good grips bake",
"oxo good grips bath",
"oxo international, ltd."
penn"penn fishing tackle",
"penn plax",
"penn reels"
perrinperrin performance
prxprx & simpsons fitness supply,
prx performance
questquest impact
rene"rene o. villanueva, illustrated by daniel tayona",
"rene ruiz collection",
"rene villanueva, illustrated by joel jason o. chua"
róenróen beauty
verovero moda
volvovolvo penta,
volvo polestar
windenwinden x anomie
winewinn grips
yruyru (strange cvlt)
ziipziip compatible pods