2024.07 - Data Release Log


We are excited to announce the addition of over one million new properties from multiple brand-new data sources, enhancing coverage of market trends and analytical data. Users can now query realtor information based on state-specific realty licenses, with new license types added for 13 states. A streamlined sign-up process is now available, allowing easy selection of free, monthly, or annual plans. Additionally, we have introduced a new top-level field, mostRecentRentalPriceAmount, for easy access to the most recent rental prices. Lastly, we have improved our platform's functionality to handle larger daily volumes of rental data, ensuring more consistent and reliable imports. For more details, check our changelog and schema page.

Record Count

  • Business: 133,765,629 unique records with 1,107,778 added
  • People: 34,321,308 unique records with 7,347,065 added
  • Products: 532,811,128 unique records with 13,839,602 newly added
  • Property: 242,493,058 unique records with 20,978,692 newly added

Newly Added Our Largest Property Data Sources

We are thrilled to announce multiple brand-new property data sources. Resulting in over 1 million new properties and even greater coverage. Our goal is to help you with greater coverage of daily market trends, changes, and analytical data. Check out our changelog for more detail on these sources.

Newly Added Realtor License Type

We have added the ability to query on and identify realtor information based on their state's realty license. This will allow you the ability to find all listing related to a license number or type. We have added the following Realtor License Types:

  • Connecticut (CTREC - Connecticut Real Estate Commission)
  • Florida (FREC - Florida Real Estate Commission)
  • Kentucky (KREAB - Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board)
  • Louisiana (LREC - Louisiana Real Estate Commission)
  • Utah (UTRED - Utah Real Estate Division)
  • Oklahoma (OREC - Oklahoma Real Estate Commission)
  • New York (NYDOS - New York Department of State)
  • Arkansas (AREC - Arkansas Real Estate Commission)
  • Nevada (NVRED - Nevada Real Estate Division)
  • Kansas (KREC - Kansas Real Estate Commission)
  • Ohio (ODREPL - Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing)
  • West Virginia (WVREC - West Virginia Real Estate Commission)
  • Maine (MEREC - Maine Real Estate Commission)

New Datafiniti Sign Up Page

We have streamlined the sign-up process to help create a smooth experience. Further allowing you to create and select your free, monthly, or annual plan from the sign up page. https://portal.datafiniti.co/sign-up

New Property Data Top Level Fields - mostRecentRentalPriceAmount

We have added the mostRecentRentalPriceAmount field. This will now separate out all most recent rental prices from all other status prices. This provides you an easy to access data point to identify the most recent rental price for your property data. Streamlining the process of parsing through the prices field for rental prices. You can view our schema page to learn more.

Bug Fixes

We've addressed an issue to improve the overall functionality of our platform.We added more resources to deal with a larger daily volume of rental data. This will provide more consistent and reliable data imports for rental properties going forward.

Coming Soon

Auto trace property searches - This new feature will allow you to pull more detailed home owner information from our people database. This will allow you to pull people and property data via one API call. Stay tuned to find out more information.