2024.04 - Data Release Log


The recent update has significantly expanded the data across various categories, with substantial numbers of new entries in each data type. Notably, property data has been enriched with the addition of new county assessor data from Clark County, Nevada; Cook County, Illinois; Savills County, California; and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. This enhancement provides comprehensive details such as homeowner information, tax data, and property type codes, which are beneficial for analytics. Additionally, a critical bug fix has been implemented to address an issue where residential properties delisted were incorrectly shown as "For Sale," ensuring accurate status updates as of March 12th.

Record Count

Business: 133,765,629 unique records with 1,107,778 added
People: 34,321,308 unique records with 7,347,065 added
Products: 532,811,128 unique records with 13,839,602 newly added
Property: 242,493,058 unique records with 20,978,692 newly added

New Property Data Counties Added:

We have added the following county assessor’s data to our property database. This will provide you with home owner info, tax information, and building / propertyType codes. All to improve any analytics you need for these given counties.

  • Clark County, Nevada
  • Cook County, Illinois
  • Savills County, California
  • Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Bug Fixes:

We've addressed an issue to improve the overall functionality of our platform. The following bug fix has been implemented

  • Residential Delisted Showing as For Sale - We have found & corrected an issue from our data source for a small edge case of delisted statuses importing as “For Sale”. All records have been updated to the correct status as of March 12th.