2024.02 - Data Release Log


Datafiniti project release 8 has been updated and is now live.

This release focused on data quality improvements and bug fixes.

Record Count

Business: 133,229,483 unique records with 571,632 added
People: 30,307,442 unique records with 13,333,199 added
Products: 526,871,486 unique records with 7,899,960 newly added
Property: 232,050,220 unique records with 10,535,854 newly added

Property Data

Data Quality Improvements:
We understand the importance of accurate and reliable data. To ensure a better user experience, we've implemented several data quality fixes, including:

  • Address Over-merging: We have addressed the issue of over-merging brokers and people associated with specific building/rental unit addresses, providing you with more precise and relevant data.
  • Standardized "Street" Address Prefixes: We have standardized "Street" address prefixes across the board, ensuring consistency and clarity in all addresses.
  • Most Recent Brokers Email and Phones: You can now trust that the most recent data for brokers' email addresses and phone numbers is accurately reflected in our system.

Bug Fixes:
We've tackled some pesky bugs to improve the overall functionality of our platform. The following bug fixes have been implemented:

  • Commercial Property Merging: We've resolved the issue of commercial properties merging with unrelated property records, ensuring that your data is organized and accurate.
  • Normalize City Name: Say goodbye to inconsistencies! We have normalized the city name from "Saint Louis" to "St. Louis," providing a standardized and accurate representation of city data.

Property Source Updates

  • Updated Redfin
  • Updated Kobo
  • Updated Crexi
  • Updated Zumper
  • Updated Jefferson County tax records
  • Updated Cityfeet
  • Updated ForRent
  • Updated Loopnet
  • Updated Weichert
  • Updated Showcase
  • Updated Rightmove.co.uk

Product Source Updates

  • Updated Bloomingdales
  • Updated Target.com
  • Updated Saksoff5thh
  • Updated Wayfair