2023.11 - Data Release Log


Datafiniti project release 4 and 5 are now live.
DR4 -

  • We were provided with the opportunity to receive three new data sources. These consisted of MLS data for properties, Refinancing data, and data on Commercial properties.
  • 31 new property data fields were added from this release

DR5 -

  • Standardizing certain field values
  • Moving semi-structured data from the features field to top level structured fields of their own
  • Adding additional types to some fields

Record Counts

  • Business: 132,310,957 unique records with 588,581 added
  • People: 15,594,456 unique records with 10,171,378 added
  • Products: 515,039,753 unique records with 6,477,179 newly added
  • Property: 216,787,969 unique records with 8,676,545 newly added

Property Data Updates

We have added 31 new property schema fields:

More Accurate MLS Data 

This will include a more comprehensive MLS data feed. It contains the following new fields:

  • appliances: Included appliances.
  • assessedValues:
    • improvementsAmount: Assessed value for property improvements.
    • landAmount: Assessed value for land/lot.
    • totalAmount: Amount the property is assessed for.
    • year: Year of property assessment.
  • categories: List of category keywords from various sources.
  • estimatedPrices: A list of price estimates for the property.
    • amountMax: maximum price seen
    • amountMin: minimum price seen
    • currency: currency used for the price
    • dateSeen: date seen for the estimated prices.
    • pricePerSquareFoot: The price divide by the square footage.
  • geoQuality: Quality of property's geoLocation data.
  • hvacTypes: Type/components of HVAC system.
  • price.status: The status of the property at the time of the recorded price. 
  • roofing: Materials used for the property's roof.
  • subdivision: Subdivision/neighborhood information.
"appliances": [



                "Range - Electric",




"assessedValues": [


                    "year": 2023,

                    "totalAmount": 466136,

                    "improvementsAmount": 391136,

                    "landAmount": 75000


"categories": [


                "Neighborhood: Shopping center, Strip center"


"geoQuality": 5,

"hvacTypes": [

                "Forced Air",

                "Central Air",

                "Natural Gas"


"prices": [ "status": "Sold" ],

"roofing": [ "Shingle", "HIP" ],

"subdivision": "Prairie Village"

Parcel Number as a Top-Level Field

You are now able to access parcel numbers as a top-level field, streamlining your property research process.

  • parcelNumbers: Associated parcel number.
"parcelNumbers": [ {  
                    "number": "3469--2R1",  
                    "year": 2010,  
                    "account": "41437721"  
                } ]

New Commercial Data Feed: 

This new commercial data feed contains information on the building's construction and features. This contains information about the legal classification of the building, its use, owners, and tax information.

  • architecturalStyles: Property's architectural style.
  • ownerOccupied: True/false value indicating owner occupancy.
  • topographyCode: Property's topography code.
  • zoning: Property's zoning value.
  • msaCode: msaCode of the property.
  • msaName: msaName of the property.
  • cbsaCode: cbsaCode of the property.
  • cbsaName: cbsaName of the property.
"architecturalStyles": [ "Ranch" ],  
"ownerOccupied": true,  
"topographyCode": 102,  
"zoning": "IM, Arlington",
"cbsaCode": 212312,
"cbsaCode": 256312,

Refinance data

This data is about properties that have been refinanced. This contains information on the actual refinancing transaction, the buyer, the legal classification of the property, tax information, and assessed value.

  • taxExemptions: List of property tax exemptions.
  • title: Title text associated with the property.
  • transactions:
    • documentNumber: Transaction document number.
    • transactionID: Transaction ID value.
  • trustDescription: Description of trust information related to the property.
"taxExemptions": [ "Homeowner" ],  
"title": "Single Family Residence, Two Story - Raeford, NC",  
"transactions": [ {  
            "saleDate": "2018-09-05T00:00:00.000Z",  
            "documentNumber": "198630",  
            "transactionID": "305434811",  
                } ],  
"trustDescription": "Not a Trust"

Bug fixes

  • finalizer change to convert all sqft to sq ft in any unit value
  • Changing all emails to lower case
  • Removing agent names with “non” from brokers
  • Max limit to prices to allow price range functionality
  • Status cleanup - check that firstDateSeen and lastDateSeen are filled out on the statuses and check that the top level most recent value is reflective of the most recent value in the array
  • Prices cleanup - check that firstDateSeen and lastDateSeen are filled out on the prices and check that the top level most recent value is reflective of the most recent value in the array
  • Transactions create a new status object. Check that the status array has entries for each transaction.
  • Converting statuses type “Rental Unit” to “Rental”

Data Importer Updates

  • Updated Remax.ca
  • Added Foreclosure.com
  • Updated Movoto
  • Updated Estately (added foreclosure statuses)
  • Updated Homes.com
  • Updated Realestatebook
  • Updated Har.com
  • Rebuilt Apartmentguide.com
  • Updated Target.com
  • Updated Loopnet
  • Updated Century21
  • Updated Apartments.com
  • Changed our BrightMLS crawler to the site’s new domain → Nestfully.com
  • Added Land.com
  • Updated Redfin
  • Updated Homefinder
  • Added California DRE people source (www2.dre.ca.gov)
  • Updated Realtytrac
  • Updated Realestate.com.au
  • Updated Idealista
  • Added LA County tax records (portal.assessor.lacounty.gov)
  • Updated Best Buy
  • Added Renthop.com