2023.09 - Data Release Log


Property Owner Data Importing Into People Data. New data source for several Colorado counties. New regional listing data source added as a property data source. The ability to manage Your Datafiniti Subscription on Your Own

Record Counts

  • Business: 131,473,480 unique records with 310,388 added
  • People: 4,406,720 unique records with 1,092,775 added
  • Products: 505,371,386 unique records with 3,539,719 newly added
  • Property: 205,303,768 unique records with 7,712,570 newly added

Property Data Updates

Added new property sources for and CO county websites. As well as maintenance to several property sources to maintain our quality of data.

Fixed a property data transactions field duplication bug.

  • Added
  • Added County Tax Record sites for: Denver county, Hartford county, Boulder county,
  • Updated
  • Updated
  • Updated
  • Updated
  • Updated Airbnb
  • Updated

Business Data Updates

Maintenance to our business sources to maintain our quality of data.

  • Updated (business)
  • Updated Opentable (business)

People Data Updates

New people data source, as we now cross refence people found in our transactions field and add them to our people database. This will allow you to search for people in property and vice versa.