2023.07 - Data Release Log


New top level schema field to both property and people data. Launching our new portal signup and setting page, to allow quick changing between data plans.

Record Counts

  • Business: 131,163,092 unique records with 251,058 newly added
  • People: 3,313,945 unique records
  • Products: 501,831,667 unique records with 2,773,301 newly added
  • Property: 197,591,198 unique records with 13,551,868 newly added

Property Data Updates

  • 2 new property top-level fields - County & CountyFIPS
  • Normalized mostRecentStatusDate fields across all property apps
  • Updated Redfin MostRecentPriceAmount fields and split “Latest Updates” sitemap into 51 separate templates
  • Updated Loopnet
  • Updated Realestate.com.au
  • Updated BHGRE
  • Updated Showcase.com

People Data Update

  • Updated Tripadvisor addresses

Other Datafiniti releases

  • We have updated both the design and pricing plans of the Datafiniti.co website.
    • This will allow users to sign up with multiple data plans on the fly. making the process seamless and less involved for quick development and data retrieval.