2023.06 - Data Release Log


A new brokers source was added, with major improvements and bug fixes to data normalization and record merging

Record Counts

  • Business: 130,355,471 unique records with 1,746,081 records newly added
  • People: 3,450,745 unique records with 316,902 records newly added
  • Products: 495,840,570 unique records with 15,051,146 records newly added
  • Property: 181,430,779 unique records with 7,385,642 records newly added

Property Source Updates

  • Added TREC.com - our first People crawl
  • Updated Redfin.com, focused on new page types and status improvements, as well as increasing coverage speed
  • Updated “Unit“ handling for Addresses across multiple sites:
    • Remax
    • Showmetherent
    • Compass
    • Apartments
    • Redfin

Other Datafiniti releases

  • We have updated both the design and pricing plans of the Datafiniti.co website.
  • Now splitting business, people, products, and property into separate data plans.
    • This is currently in development to allow users to select these options from the user portal.